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In a classic episode from the television show Seinfeld we are introduced to character known as the Soup Nazi.  He is restaurateur whose soups are so good that he can treat his customers with zero patience and disdain and the customers willingly put up with it.  In fact his customers must mind perfect ordering etiquette in his establishment or they can be barred.  The last thing anyone wants to hear is, “Get out!  No soup for you!”  Well our commander in chief is not happy with our raucous ways and has pulled his own version of the Soup Nazi at our expense. 

No Mt. Rushmore for you!  Not only did federal agents block access to trails at South Dakota’s most popular tourist attraction, they also set up cones along highway viewing areas outside of Mt. Rushmore barring anyone from pulling and taking pictures and enjoying the view.  He is blocking views from outside the park!  Maybe they could cover the whole thing with a tarp to really show us who is boss. 

The National Park Service took great pains to shut down privately run marinas, restaurants and inns all over the country, going as far to post guards to keep people from using them during the shutdown.  An example of how vindictive this administration can be, look no further than Pisgah Inn on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina.  The owner decided that he was going to stay open, only to find John Candy show up in his Wally World outfit proclaiming “Sorry folks, Inn’s closed, Soup Nazi in the White House should have told you so!”  (In reality Park Rangers blocked the entrance to his establishment.) 

Obama shut down all open spaces on the National Mall including the war memorials to all citizens of the United States.  Why would the administration barricade memorials on a mall that are open by nature, basically there is nothing there to close?  One particular site that was shutdown was the World War II memorial, which is regularly visited by veterans that are now in their 8th to 9th decade of life. 

Visiting vets were so incensed that the memorial was unnecessarily closed down that they tore down the barricades in defiance.  The Soup Nazi Administration figured it would then be prudent to call on their buddies in the SEIU union to protest the Republicans at the memorial chanting “Boehner, get us back to work!”  As it turns out in wasn’t ever a real SEIU protest.  The people did not have federal ID and several admitted that they were paid $15 an hour to show up and chant.    Non-citizens on the other hand are a different story.  The Obama administration allowed a massive rally for comprehension immigration reform.  Immigration activist organizations, the SEIU and the AFL-CIO are the organizers of this event.  Soup for illegals, no soup for World War II Vets.  Another point of interest is the fact that government stationed more guards at the World War II memorial to keep out those pesky elderly veterans during a shutdown than they stationed in Benghazi, Libya to keep our Ambassador and staff safe from Al Qaeda. 

The government had to shut down the Amber Alert website for missing children.  On the other hand, Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” site telling us what to eat and how to exercise worked just fine.  However, Michelle Obama had to endure the torture of having her personal Twitter assistant furloughed.  The agony!  How could they put her, and the country through such torture, I can barely make it through the day without my Michelle Obama Twitter feed.  They also ruined her garden!  The famous White House kitchen garden where Michelle likes to stage photo-op’s with local school children pretending to be some sort of Washington D.C. Martha Stewart is in ruins.  Reuters reported, “Tomatoes are rotting on the vine.  Herbs have gone to seed.  And the sweet potatoes a favorite of President Barack Obama have become worm food.”  A White House official confirmed, “Due to the shutdown, garden maintenance has been reduced considerably and only being watered as needed.”  Could be me, call me crazy, but if you are going to portray yourself as the Martha Stewart of First Ladies is it too much to ask for you to get off your derriere and pick the vegetables yourself? 

I herby declare the ocean is closed!  No joke here, the administration ordered that the Florida Bay was closed due to the shutdown.  Fishing boats were prohibited from taking anglers into 1,100 square-miles of open ocean.  Fishing was also prohibited at Biscayne National Park.  Anyone with more than few active brain cells would be able to surmise that it would take a hell of a lot more people to close an ocean then to leave it open as usual, but again we are talking about the Soup Nazi here. 

The Cookie Monster must get paid.  Shut down National Parks, memorials, cancer research, and the ocean, but the Corporation For Public Broadcasting (the Cookie Monster) received $445 million on the first day of the shutdown.  Bert and Ernie do love Obama, I scratch your back you scratch mine.  No pun intended.



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