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MAY 2013


Never ever underestimate how far our pathologically criminal ruling elite will go in their abuse of power.  It has now become borderline ridiculous, the stuff of fiction not long ago.  We have reached a point where there seems to be no line that they will not cross and this past month proved no exception.


Gordon Gecko For Congress


Early last year we advised all of our listeners to go out and purchase the book Throw Them All Out by Peter Schweizer.  In fact we called for the book to be required reading for all high school students.  The book chronicles with impeccable detail the insider deals that our pathological leaders in Washington D.C. engage in to enrich themselves.  It covered a topic that we have been reporting on for some time, legal insider trading.  There have been many high profile insider-trading scandals over the years, from Ivan Boesky back in the 1980’s to the more recent case of Raj Rajaratnam.  What most people fail to realize, is that members of Congress, and their staff, are ALLOWED TO TRADE ON PRIVLEDGED INFORMATION AND ENRICH THEMSELVES


No joke.  Contrary to popular belief, we are not equal under the law and the fantastic concept of the United States being a nation of laws, not of men is nothing but a myth.  Last year after the Schweizer book was released and the insider-trading scam received national recognition, Congress and the President came together to pass the bipartisan Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act (STOCK Act). 


It didn’t last long.


Congress this past April voted to repeal a financial transparency requirement for senior government officials.  The House passed it by unanimous consent, with no debate and no description on the floor about what the bill would do.  The Senate passed it in the same fashion and the President signed it with zero percent of the press and fanfare that the creation of the bill that was being altered garnered a little over a year ago.  The new bill does not require Congress and their minions to post their financial transactions so once gain our pathological leaders can trade on insider information without fear.


Above The Law


Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano declared that she, President Barrack Obama and other political officials at the top of the administration have the authority to discern which laws to enforce and which to ignore.  Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) was questioning Napolitano about allegations where Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents stated that people within the Obama administration (including her) have stopped them from doing their jobs by blocking law enforcement.  Sessions stated that ICE agents union president Chris Crane had testified, “that agents are prohibited from enforcing the law, and indeed, the ICE officers have filed a lawsuit to that effect.”  Sessions went on to tell Napolitano, “I started out as a federal prosecutor in the Department of Justice in 1975.  I have never heard of a situation in which a group of law officers sued their supervisor and you for blocking them from following the law.  They weren’t complaining about pay, benefits, working conditions.  They were saying that the very oath they took to enforce the law, is being blocked by rules and regulations and policies established from on high and that this is undermining their ability to do what they’re sworn to do.”


Napolitano responded to Sessions by stating that she believes she and other political officials have the authority to tell law enforcement which laws to enforce and which ones to disregard. 


In other words…that whole “all men are created equal” thing that Thomas Jefferson wrote in our Declaration of Independence has gone the way of “Some animals are more equal than others” from George Orwell’s Animal Farm 


Obamacare Is For the Peasants


Our pathological Congressional leaders have been working very hard.  They have been burning the midnight oil doing everything and anything they can to try to save themselves from their own dastardly creation, Obamacare.  Politico reported that the discussions involved Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid D-NV, House Speaker John Boehner R-OH, the Obama administration and other top lawmakers.  The talks are very sensitive, with both sides very aware of the potential for political repercussions for giving carve-outs to 535 members of Congress and thousands of their minions (aides).  Politico stated that the talks have been going on for months.


Congress seems to think that it is too expensive.  They state that the provision that forces lawmakers and staffers to join the exchanges will lead to “brain drain”.  All of those brilliant staffers won’t be able to afford and head off to work on K Street or Wall Street.  They don’t want their low-paid junior minions to be hit with thousands of dollars in Obamacare costs.  They fear that even the more senior minions might jump ship as well, rather than face the financial repercussions of Obamacare.  Politico stated as well that lawmakers with long careers in public service and smaller bank accounts are also concerned. (I find that statement hilarious.)


After this story made its way to the talk radio airwaves, (The major networks were busy covering a gay basketball player) Democratic leaders behind this effort ran for cover.  As it turned out the Politico story might have been a little off in regards to Republicans working together with Democrats on this exemption.  The Hill reported that Republicans hammered Democrats for seeking to carve themselves out of Obamacare.  Democrats are currently doing their best Sergeant Shultz impersonation from Hogan’s Heroes, “I see nothing! I know nothing!”     


This whole thing reeks.  There is no possible way that some Republicans didn’t know what was going on with this exemption prior to the story making its way to talk radio.  Why didn’t they voice their concerns and draw attention to this travesty prior?  And as far as Sergeant Shultz is concerned, that whole pleading ignorance thing may work with the brilliant minded celebrities that you hung out with over the weekend of the White House correspondence dinner, but not here.  Go sell your bull-excrement somewhere else.  You have been selling crap for far too long, we are all stocked up here. 


However, I will give credit to Senator Richard Burr R-NC, with this rare bit of Congressional wisdom, “I have no problem with Congress being under the same guidelines.  I think if this going to be a disaster, which I think it’s going to be, we ought to enjoy it together with our constituents.”




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