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In a story reminiscent of the classic Tommy Flannigan Pathological Liar character on Saturday Night Live played by Jon Lovitz. Ladies and gentlemen I give you Frank S. Marone, pathological liar extraordinaire. This guy would give old Tommy Flannigan a run for his money.

The New York Post reported that a former Merrill Lynch stock broker named Frank S. Marone feigned his way into the good graces of the award winning Windham Mountain ski rescue patrol team where he proceeded to steal millions of dollars from 32 members of the team. When in reality he spent the member’s nest eggs on his lavish lifestyle, including European trips, down payments on a $1.5 million home in Fairfield, CT, a $600,000 ski chalet in Windham, a fifty foot speedboat and a fleet of eight cars.

Frank the Liar first created two fictitious brokerage firms entitled Carlin Equities, and Generic Trading LLC. Frank was actually thrown out of the business for grand theft.

Frank then worked at earning the respect of the ski team by what was later found out to be fake rescues. It is estimated that he staged dozens.

Frank told everyone that he was a millionaire ex-Marine combat war hero from the first Iraqi war. Records showed Frank served only a few months in a National Guard in Long Island.

Last but not least Marone sent out fake account statements where he showed fake returns of 25%. Adding insult to injury Frank actually sent out e-mails to the victims apologizing for only showing returns of 25%.

Yeah, Yeah that’s the ticket.

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