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I have a great idea for a new cable channel, the Cold War Channel. This station would play nothing but movies like Red Dawn, Rocky IV, Rambo, The Hunt for Red October, Missing in Action, and FireFox. In between movies we could air great speeches by Ronald Reagan and show reruns of the 1980 Olympic games at Lake Placid.

“Do You Believe in Miracles… Yes!”

Just as many Americans have forgotten September 11, 2001, many more have forgotten the Cold War, Communism, and the Soviet Union. I would guess that some American’s are either too young to remember or, by lack of proper civics education, have no idea of what took place during the late 20th century. When observing anti-war protestors march in the streets around the globe I am happy to see that these individuals have the freedom to protest and voice their concerns.

On the other hand, I find it a bit ironic that most of these “peace activists” march under a red flag bearing a hammer and sickle. Do they realize that they would never be allowed to speak out if the Soviets had won? Do they realize that an estimated 250 million people were butchered under Communist rule in the 20th century?

Where I do not find irony, but actually fear, is the fact that we have elected officials meeting with and discussing strategy with “Commie-Light” socialist groups in Europe. Once again, we have another story spiked by your local newspapers and the network news. The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten had a story this past month about how Norway’s Socialist Labour Party is getting together with other European Socialist parties in joining forces with some Democrats in the United States. Their goal is to prepare common strategies if they come back into power. The group of European Socialists had meetings with none other than Senator’s Joseph Biden and Hillary Clinton.

I ask, “Where is Rambo when you need him?”


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