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During the course of the various radio and television appearances I make, one question that is directed at me with great frequency is “What is your greatest business success?” I answer this question with great reluctance because it lends itself to the hyped up horse-race mentality that I try to discourage. Success in my business and in life can be defined in many ways.

As far as individual stocks are concerned, I can name several stocks that we have recommended that have shown thousands of percent return. However, by no means do I feel that it is my greatest business success.

Success can also be measured by the people you surround yourself with or employ. We have been able to retain highly respected, conservative and top performing money managers. Buffet, Federated Investors, Gross and Pacific Investment Management are simply the best and we have been blessed with their knowledge and expertise as our clients can attest to.

The greatest, most prodigious achievement I have experienced is Markowski Investments itself. I am fortunate enough to work with my family on a daily basis. By no means whatsoever is this an easy task. First of all, the three of us are nothing alike. Because of this, we do have our fair share of disagreements. This at times can make our working environment very difficult. These disagreements and differences are strength, not a weakness. It is important to have various opinions and input on all aspects of our business. These disagreements and arguments make us stronger and wiser. Aside from the fact that overcoming obstacles as a team make our achievements that much sweeter. Therefore, when someone asks me what my greatest business success is I can tell him or her it was a resurrection. We brought back to life something that was all but extinct, the family business.

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