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Many of our clients have multiple accounts within their households. For example: you might have an individual brokerage account for you and your spouse, retirement accounts, checking, and
accounts for your children etc. Managing all of these accounts can be quite complicated and often time consuming. SelectLink is a feature that clients can utilize which gives a complete
financial picture that will help clients to organize and track household finances.

This complimentary service will link all of your accounts that share the same mailing address and as a result SelectLink consolidates all of your household statements, prepares a summary cover
page, and mails these documents to you in one package.

Clients can obtain the complete status of all household finances in a single snapshot. The need to calculate aggregate portfolio value by adding the totals of all accounts is nullified. The
SelectLink summary enables you to view the net worth for all of your household accounts.

In addition, the SelectLink summary provides the values and percentages of each asset category in your portfolio (stocks, bonds, and funds).

To sign up for SelectLink, contact us at (888)950-0940.

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