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“I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in,

And stops my mind from wondering,

Where it will go?

I’m filling the cracks that ran through the door,

And kept my mind from wondering, where it will go…”


I think this song by the Beatles should be the theme song for Markowski Investments. However, we are not about to pay (Wako-Jacko) Michael Jackson the current owner of the song the money to make it so. Fixing holes, is what we have been doing a lot of the past couple years. So many new clients from all over the world have turned to us to rebuild the mess they made out of their nest eggs. It is funny many of them decided three years ago that we were just too conservative for their liking and took their money elsewhere. Now we are in the position that so many people relish in…

“I told you so!”

For us, this phrase brings us no pleasure. We hate nothing more than to see families wiped out and needing to practically start from square one. On the other hand “Fixing the Hole”, gives us great satisfaction and we will continue to do so.

We specialize in account repair…we can take the squashed, murdered, hacked and damaged accounts and repair them….

• Not overnight.

• Not by buying speculative “junk” and hoping to hit a home run.

• Not by keeping the junk that did the damage.

But by…

• Diligently taking whatever is left and working with it using some of the world’s top portfolio managers to rebuild your nest egg.

• This happens over time…. not TOTALLY “repairing” the account in just three months, but maybe in six months, nine months or a year or 18 months.

• I don’t care if the account started at a million dollars and now is $100,000. I want the $100,000 and the job for FIXING THE HOLE.

Can we guarantee you success in this account repair project?

Of course not. But we can guarantee you that we are going to put a real discipline in place for you. That discipline can work to get those destroyed accounts back to square one. We can guarantee that each of our portfolio managers has at least twenty years of successful experience. We put the best people on the field for you. If you have the patience, we have the discipline.

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