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After years of talking and writing about the many issues surrounding annuities, our Registered Investment Advisory, Markowski Investments, decided to construct a new website entirely dedicated to helping individuals in regards to annuities. will be a one of a kind resource to educate the investing public about the ins and outs of all types of annuities. Despite our constant and necessary drumbeat reporting of all the scams and rip-offs in the annuity industry, the fact remains that in certain circumstances annuities can be a terrific building block of an overall retirement plan. That is the case, as long as the RIGHT product is purchased and managed there after. Contrary to conventional wisdom annuities are not “set it and forget it”
investment vehicles.

Far too often, as we have reported, so called annuity sales gurus make claims of guaranteed investment returns far greater than a CD rate or a guarantee of principal while capturing the
upside of the market. Marketing material for many annuities more often than not, looks not only too good to be true, but fraudulent. Another problem many investors face is liquidity whereas
certain annuity contacts can be a problematic due to high surrender charges. We understand that answers to all your questions regarding an annuity you own or are thinking of
purchasing needs to be handled delicately on a case by case basis.

That is why we have made ourselves available to you, the investing public. Simply call our toll free number, 888-950-0940 for a free consultation with CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Matthew Markowski. As a CFP®, he has a fiduciary responsibility to provide advice that is aimed to benefit you. He is not tempted by the large commission dollars many annuities carry.

You can also email Matthew at

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