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Edward Jones, the brokerage that likes to market itself as your “hometown, folksy, everyone knows your name” firm is joining the ranks of the other big brokerage firms in segregating their smaller “less worthy” clients and sending them off to some sort of call-center hell. Edward D. Jones & Co is acknowledging that some of their clients might not be … Read More


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It is not a matter of if.  It is a matter of when. Fire up the Flux Capacitor and the DeLorean, we are going on a trip.  Warning this trip might be very uncomfortable for many.  It could bring back memories of strife, anxiety and possibly remind us of some really regretful choices we had made in the past. We … Read More


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Not long ago when the supposed end of the world was upon us and assets were blowing up all over the place, Deutsche Bank saw a way out…lie. Deutsche bank had a portfolio of derivatives that were dropping like a brick that would have, if they played by the rules, resulted in the bank’s insolvency.  So they lied about their … Read More


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Comrade Jones An advisor from Edward Jones admitted to AdvisorHUB that the firm was much like the Soviet Union in that they are in the business of pushing products and policies that benefit the General Partners first.  “In reference to Jones being like the USSR.  There is nothing going on at that firm that is in the best interest of … Read More


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The column archives on my website is divided into four categories, the largest of which is Wall Street Fraud. I have written extensively about the nefarious conduct that is perpetrated all too often at the expense of the American investor. Our goal is ultimately to educate and warn people of whom they are dealing with and the reality is much … Read More


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JANUARY 2014 Someone decided to do a special screening of the latest Martin Scorsese film the Wolf of Wall Streetdown in my old neighborhood behind the Goldman Sachs building in downtown New York City.  The crowd attending the film was described as a “finance-heavy audience” with brokers, traders and investment bankers filling the seats.  Their reaction to criminal misdeeds of … Read More


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I always get a kick out of the bull-excrement mission statements from the big investment firms… Our integrity and reputation depend on our ability to do the right thing, even when it’s not the easy thing.  J.P. Morgan Chase No financial incentive or opportunity regardless of the bottom line justifies a departure from our values.  Goldman Sachs The talent and … Read More


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NOVEMBER 2012   Marcellus Wallace, a character from the film Pulp Fiction, made in my opinion an excellent suggestion in dealing with a sadistic rapist.  He said to get “medieval” on him.  With most of the Wall Street con artists continuing to do no hard time, I decided to see what justice meant for financial crooks of the past.  Jason … Read More


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MARCH 2012 The list is long and growing.  There’s the “Amish Bernie Madoff”, accused of bilking residents of quiet Amish and Mennonite towns in Ohio.  There’s Raj Rajaratnam, former hedge fund manager, now a convicted criminal for insider trading.  Then there’s Marc Drier, a once prominent lawyer, convicted of defrauding hedge funds, investors and clients out of $400 million. Then … Read More


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NOVEMBER 2011 A recent study by the Swiss research University of St. Gallen seems to have scientifically proven what readers of our newsletter and listeners of the Watchdog on Wall Street Radio Show have been privy to for years.  The University found that the behavior of stockbrokers’ tops that of psychopaths when it comes to manipulation and recklessness. According to … Read More