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An eye-opening financial report recently released concerning private colleges stated that 25% of all private colleges spent more than they earned in 2017 despite the overall increase in tuition revenue. (They must be taking a cue from Uncle Sam.) Where in the name of beer bongs, tapestries and safe spaces is all that money going? According to the College Board, … Read More


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The Employee Benefit Research Institute has released its twenty-seventh annual Retirement Confidence Survey.  The findings from this survey coupled with some other disturbing headlines in regards to the perilous condition of our nation’s pension system have laid credence to all the anecdotal evidence that I have been yelling and screaming about on the show for almost two decades.  I would … Read More


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There has been quite a bit of attention as of late in business publications and websites such as the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and CNBC in regards to our retirement funding crisis.  This crisis is being framed in the context of the failure of the various different vehicles people utilize to build up their proverbial nest eggs.  Whether it be … Read More


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I have not seen many pie-in–the-sky retirement commercials as of late.  There used to be a bevy of advertisements that seemed as if they were pumped out by an advertising team comprised of Don Draper and Robin Leach.  They aided the big firms in painting the mental picture and selling the dream of…“Champagne wishes and caviar dreams” private islands, a … Read More


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The column archives on my website is divided into four categories, the largest of which is Wall Street Fraud. I have written extensively about the nefarious conduct that is perpetrated all too often at the expense of the American investor. Our goal is ultimately to educate and warn people of whom they are dealing with and the reality is much … Read More


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APRIL 2013 A recent study released by the Spectrum Group, entitled 2013 Mass Affluent Investor, found that the average American “Main Street” investor remains overly pessimistic in regards to their finances.  Their study focuses on what they call the Mass Affluent Investor, which they define as people with a net worth of $100,000 to $1 million (not including primary residence).   … Read More


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OCTOBER 2011 I find it interesting that many in our enlightened class, whether it be the mainstream media or some Nobel prize winning economist, fail to recognize the double-edged sword of artificially low interest rates.  Low-interest rates are grand if you are a debtor, not so grand if you are a saver.  It is even worse for the saver when … Read More