Avoiding a Greek Tragedy at Home

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Greece is a mess. Athens is coming closer to running out of cash by the day, and a default is looming on the horizon. Other EU countries appear to be trying to help Greece, but no one really wants to get their hands dirty. Greece’s spiraling downfall should be a wake-up call for other countries facing a debt crisis, starting … Read More

The Great American Tax Charade

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Happy Tax Day! Are you feeling patriotic? Me neither. The truth is, the ever-changing tax code needs to make a huge change. Now, with an election looming on the horizon, there is no better time to get educated and make your vote count. The tax code needs to be scrapped, burned, encased in lead and then shot into the sun, … Read More

DOL fiduciary rule falls flat

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Commentary: After much anticipation, the Department of Labor unveiled a rule on Tuesday that could establish a fiduciary responsibility for brokers working with retirement accounts. The proposal still has to go through the comment period, but if passed, it promises to be a step toward reducing conflicts of interest while urging advisers to work in the best interest of their … Read More

How to Fix The Conflicts Of Interest That Exist In Employer-Sponsored 401(k) Plans

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Juliette Fairley Follow Apr 7, 2015 6:30 AM EDT NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Raina Lipsitz, a 32-year-old New Yorker who works in internal communications, invests in her company 401(k) plan but admits she has a limited understanding of fees and expense ratios. “I don’t know what fees I pay,” Lipsitz told MainStreet. “I have access to the balance on my … Read More

Jay-Z Launches a New Way for Music Artists to Get Paid

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You wouldn’t steal a piece of artwork off of a museum wall, would you? Yet people do nearly the same thing every day by downloading or streaming music for free. Thanks to a recent announcement from Jay-Z, artists will now be compensated fairly. On March 31 hip-hop mogul Jay-Z announced the launch of a new artist-owned streaming alternative called Tidal. … Read More

NCAA’s March ‘Moneymaker’ Madness

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According to Forbes, the average NBA player receives a salary of $5.15 million per year. The highest paid college athlete’s salary? Absolutely nothing, and that needs to change. The NCAA made $871.6 million dollars in 2011-12, the most recent year that audited numbers are available. With March Madness, one of the most highly-sponsored and profitable events the NCAA hosts, their … Read More


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Michael Corleone in the third installment of the Godfather stated the now famous line, “Just when I thought I was out. They pulled me back in!” The Watchdog on Wall Street version might go something like this, “Just when I thought I have seen it all, they go ahead and do this.” I now present you with the latest installment … Read More


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AUGUST 2014 The media and many of the powers that be in Washington would like us all to believe that much like Nathan Lane’s character Albert Goldman in the film The Birdcage that they feel too “betrayed and bewildered.”  Not at learning of another Dolphins loss, but rather the fact that many companies are deciding to renounce their “American citizenship” … Read More


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APRIL 2014 A recent article ran in various publications around the country alerting readers to the fact that the average credit card interest rate is up to a “shocking 21%.”  The article points out, “Credit card companies which attract new customers with zero percent teaser rates and more rewards, have raised rates while their costs remain historically low.  Another rising … Read More


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MAY 2014 The first Friday of the month is “Jobs Friday.”  The day we all wait to see how our economy is doing or not doing when it comes to jobs.  I have often criticized the report and the methods used to come up with the numbers and how easily they can be manipulated to serve ones political needs.  One … Read More