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It is not a matter of if.  It is a matter of when. Fire up the Flux Capacitor and the DeLorean, we are going on a trip.  Warning this trip might be very uncomfortable for many.  It could bring back memories of strife, anxiety and possibly remind us of some really regretful choices we had made in the past. We … Read More

The Self-Driving Investment Portfolio Might Just Crash and Burn

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We don’t have to worry about robots replacing us any time soon, if Google’s self-driving car project Waymo is any indication of what the future holds. These cars have been involved in several crashes due to their failure to handle intersections like human drivers do. And it’s not just cars experiencing technical difficulties. Earlier this month, a trader bot was … Read More


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The Employee Benefit Research Institute has released its twenty-seventh annual Retirement Confidence Survey.  The findings from this survey coupled with some other disturbing headlines in regards to the perilous condition of our nation’s pension system have laid credence to all the anecdotal evidence that I have been yelling and screaming about on the show for almost two decades.  I would … Read More


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Don’t doubt me. I cannot revel in self-righteous, pat-myself-on-the-back behavior after witnessing another prediction of mine becoming reality.  In my opinion, it is in particularly bad taste and bottom barrel decorum to celebrate when bad things are happening even if I did give everyone a heads-up. We are living in an alternative universe when it comes to free-markets, capitalism and … Read More


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There has been quite a bit of attention as of late in business publications and websites such as the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and CNBC in regards to our retirement funding crisis.  This crisis is being framed in the context of the failure of the various different vehicles people utilize to build up their proverbial nest eggs.  Whether it be … Read More


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Not long ago when the supposed end of the world was upon us and assets were blowing up all over the place, Deutsche Bank saw a way out…lie. Deutsche bank had a portfolio of derivatives that were dropping like a brick that would have, if they played by the rules, resulted in the bank’s insolvency.  So they lied about their … Read More


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I have not seen many pie-in–the-sky retirement commercials as of late.  There used to be a bevy of advertisements that seemed as if they were pumped out by an advertising team comprised of Don Draper and Robin Leach.  They aided the big firms in painting the mental picture and selling the dream of…“Champagne wishes and caviar dreams” private islands, a … Read More


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Comrade Jones An advisor from Edward Jones admitted to AdvisorHUB that the firm was much like the Soviet Union in that they are in the business of pushing products and policies that benefit the General Partners first.  “In reference to Jones being like the USSR.  There is nothing going on at that firm that is in the best interest of … Read More

Wasted Talent

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   “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.” Lorenzo Anello (Played by Robert De Niro from the film A Bronx Tale) If I were to tell you in 1975, 1985, 1995, or 2005 that in 2016 the United States of America would be an energy powerhouse exporting oil and natural gas around the globe.  That in 2016 medical advances … Read More


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The column archives on my website is divided into four categories, the largest of which is Wall Street Fraud. I have written extensively about the nefarious conduct that is perpetrated all too often at the expense of the American investor. Our goal is ultimately to educate and warn people of whom they are dealing with and the reality is much … Read More