How Lyndon Johnson and the Left Turned Us Into The United States of Welfare

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When various rankings of the best or worst presidents come out, they tend to list all of the usual suspects. However, I have yet to encounter a list that compiles and ranks the most consequential of presidents. One could argue that President Lyndon Johnson was the most consequential president in history and not for the better. Johnson announced his War … Read More

It’s Time to Pull the Plug on Greece’s Life Support

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The European Union just made a tough decision, deciding to stop bailing out Greece and to start letting them fend for themselves. Greece owes 1.6 billion euros ($1.78 billion), and that payment was supposed to be due on Tuesday. Banks and stock markets have partially reopened after being closed for a few days, the American markets have suffered because of … Read More

Jeb Bush is the ‘Electable’ Candidate, But That Won’t Get Him Elected

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Jeb Bush has made his candidacy for president official, and he’s instantly won the “electable” candidate endorsement from the GOP establishment. The label itself means nothing considering the fact that “electable” candidates have done notoriously bad at the polls. Electability is a notion that needs to be thrown out the window. The term is a joke, electable candidates are not … Read More

What a Jeb Bush presidency would mean for advisers

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Florida financial planners are mixed on the contender, citing his fiscal and social conservatism As former Florida Governor Jeb Bush launches his presidential campaign today, one of his first challenges will be to persuade Republican primary voters he’s conservative enough for them. Florida investment advisers who knew Mr. Bush as the state’s chief executive from 1999-2007, said he established himself … Read More

Hillary Clinton vs. Jeb Bush: A Boring Disaster Waiting to Happen

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Some people have enough “celebrity status” that even announcing an announcement garners media coverage. Jeb Bush recently proclaimed that on June 15 “an announcement will be made,” and it’s now all the media can talk about. “Another Clinton vs. Bush election?” is plastered across the headlines. But Americans are clearly bored with these families. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush … Read More

Finding a Financial Company That Will Put You First

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Time and time again we have seen Wall Street companies being ousted for their fraudulent business practices. Just last week five Wall Street banks were charged with a $5 billion dollar fine for rate rigging. It seems as if every financial company is secretly out to get the consumer making it more important than ever to find a company with … Read More

The Newest Criminal: A Tax ID Number and a Logo

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Pencils don’t write papers, spoons don’t make you fat and guns don’t kill people. People do all of these things. Similarly, a tax ID number and a logo cannot commit a crime, only people can. So why is our justice system still so confused about this, especially when it comes to Wall Street companies and their wrongdoings? You may not … Read More

Hillary Clinton Continues to Get Away With Murder

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Rules are created for a reason, and people who break those rules are usually punished accordingly. So why is it the rules seem to not apply to certain people, especially those that deserve to face consequences? We’ve seen this in the media spotlight for weeks with Hillary Clinton and her email scandal. Whether you’re a celebrity or an average Joe, … Read More

Tibble vs. Edison ruling turns up the heat on plan sponsors

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Commentary: Yesterday’s ruling in Tibble vs. Edison turned up the heat on employers who offer retirement plans. The ruling went in favor of the plaintiffs, and is just one of 13 similar class-action lawsuits in the past eight years. The increasing pressure these cases have put on companies and plan sponsors seems to finally be making a difference. The employer-based … Read More

Florida I-4 Residents Already Flooded With 2016 Political Ads

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The I-4 corridor is going to get clobbered over the next 18 months, and residents should be prepared. I’m not talking about hurricanes, vacation-goers, or even snowbirds here; I’m talking about political advertisements. The 2016 presidential election will be decided by just seven states, Florida being one. However, for those of us in Florida it’s going to seem like we’re … Read More