Please Do Not Feed The Food Stamp Program

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The Republican Party in Oklahoma recently published a Facebook post that offended a lot of people and eventually prompted an apology. The post read: “The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing this year the greatest amount of free Meals and Food Stamps ever, to 46 million people. Meanwhile, the National Park … Read More

Hillary Clinton Wants More Cowbell

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Almost everyone remembers the iconic “more cowbell” SNL skit featuring Will Ferrel and Christopher Walken. No matter how obnoxious Will Ferrel’s cowbell thumping got, Christopher couldn’t get enough. After a long-winded speech calling for “more government” I’m surprised it wasn’t Hillary Clinton in that skit. Hillary Clinton’s got a fever, and the only prescription is more government. In a recent … Read More

How Lyndon Johnson and the Left Turned Us Into The United States of Welfare

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When various rankings of the best or worst presidents come out, they tend to list all of the usual suspects. However, I have yet to encounter a list that compiles and ranks the most consequential of presidents. One could argue that President Lyndon Johnson was the most consequential president in history and not for the better. Johnson announced his War … Read More

Jeb Bush is the ‘Electable’ Candidate, But That Won’t Get Him Elected

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Jeb Bush has made his candidacy for president official, and he’s instantly won the “electable” candidate endorsement from the GOP establishment. The label itself means nothing considering the fact that “electable” candidates have done notoriously bad at the polls. Electability is a notion that needs to be thrown out the window. The term is a joke, electable candidates are not … Read More

Hillary Clinton vs. Jeb Bush: A Boring Disaster Waiting to Happen

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Some people have enough “celebrity status” that even announcing an announcement garners media coverage. Jeb Bush recently proclaimed that on June 15 “an announcement will be made,” and it’s now all the media can talk about. “Another Clinton vs. Bush election?” is plastered across the headlines. But Americans are clearly bored with these families. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush … Read More

Hillary Clinton Continues to Get Away With Murder

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Rules are created for a reason, and people who break those rules are usually punished accordingly. So why is it the rules seem to not apply to certain people, especially those that deserve to face consequences? We’ve seen this in the media spotlight for weeks with Hillary Clinton and her email scandal. Whether you’re a celebrity or an average Joe, … Read More

Florida I-4 Residents Already Flooded With 2016 Political Ads

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The I-4 corridor is going to get clobbered over the next 18 months, and residents should be prepared. I’m not talking about hurricanes, vacation-goers, or even snowbirds here; I’m talking about political advertisements. The 2016 presidential election will be decided by just seven states, Florida being one. However, for those of us in Florida it’s going to seem like we’re … Read More

Taxpayers Funded the Baltimore Riots

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Last week we saw rioting and heated protests take over the streets of Baltimore, creating a media spectacle and ravaging this recently revitalized blue collar American city. The worst part, however, is that taxpayers helped to fund that calamity. Let me be clear from the get-go: I am NOT talking about the peaceful protests or law-abiding activists working to improve … Read More