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OCTOBER 2013 Correct me if I am wrong, but did we not just get ourselves out of a housing/credit crisis that was fueled in part by really dumb government policies? There was dumb, and now there is dumber. One would like to believe that in the wake of dumb and destructive policies the government might take actions to decrease the … Read More


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SEPTEMBER 2013 The mainstream media is an integral spoke in our “Watchdog on Wall Street Axis of Evil,” working hand in hand with crony capitalists and the crooked politicians at the helm of our dysfunctional bureaucracy and weakening republic.  The relationship between the three is symbiotic and beneficial to their own existence and needs, but a pox on ours.  The … Read More


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OCTOBER 2013 In a classic episode from the television show Seinfeld we are introduced to character known as the Soup Nazi.  He is restaurateur whose soups are so good that he can treat his customers with zero patience and disdain and the customers willingly put up with it.  In fact his customers must mind perfect ordering etiquette in his establishment … Read More


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I always get a kick out of the bull-excrement mission statements from the big investment firms… Our integrity and reputation depend on our ability to do the right thing, even when it’s not the easy thing.  J.P. Morgan Chase No financial incentive or opportunity regardless of the bottom line justifies a departure from our values.  Goldman Sachs The talent and … Read More


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JULY 2013 The story goes that Benjamin Franklin emerged from Independence Hall in Philadelphia, on September 18, 1787 and was approached by a woman.  She asked…  “Well Doctor, what do we have a republic or a monarchy?”  Franklin replied, “A republic if you can keep it.” Benghazi, the Internal Revenue Service, the National Security Agency, and Obamacare shakedowns…the hits just … Read More


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MAY 2013   Never ever underestimate how far our pathologically criminal ruling elite will go in their abuse of power.  It has now become borderline ridiculous, the stuff of fiction not long ago.  We have reached a point where there seems to be no line that they will not cross and this past month proved no exception.   Gordon Gecko … Read More


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MAY 2013   In an effort to try to inject some common sense into the financial calamity that we saw was about to take place back in 2008 we offered up our agenda for getting the country back on track.  In the column, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town I took some serious shots at then President George W. Bush’s … Read More


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APRIL 2013 A recent study released by the Spectrum Group, entitled 2013 Mass Affluent Investor, found that the average American “Main Street” investor remains overly pessimistic in regards to their finances.  Their study focuses on what they call the Mass Affluent Investor, which they define as people with a net worth of $100,000 to $1 million (not including primary residence).   … Read More


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APRIL 2013 I read it, but I didn’t believe it. President Barrack Obama has decreed April, “National Financial Capability Month.”  This administration with all its knowledge and insight, will do things such as teach our nation’s youngsters “how to budget responsibly.” Obama’s Official Proclamation… “I call upon all Americans to observe this month with programs and activities to improve their … Read More